Increase YOUR JOY Immediately- Proven Technique!-

by Damian Leon on

Hi!- Hope you’re well?!-

-For a number of years now I’ve been Increaasing My Joy Every Week- And in Doing So helping others who are less fortunate- who need food- or are really having a bad time in life- Even when I was just making it myself (hint: that’s the Most Important Time To Do it!)!-

-I was sitting here watching something from Feed the Children on TV, and I really felt bad for people who are having a rough time-

-Yes we all have stress and hard times, but these people REALLY are having a hard time and need our help-

-SO- DO You want to Increase Your JOY Right NOW?-

-OK!-  Even if it is only $10 or $20 – to donate to help someone in need now-  It would really mean a lot to me and I’m sure make YOU and OTHERS Feel INCREDIBLE!- 

-Go NOW!- Some Trusted Ways Are:


(Over 83% Go direct to the people in need, after costs)


(Very good- they don’t just give out aid, they help  people get skills and business training to get out of poverty) 


(Very good charity, helping the homeless get a fresh start, I donate to them)

 So please, find it in your heart to do your best this Christmas, to help people who are really in pain and suffering.

Love and Merry Christmas!! 🙂 🙂


PS: If you Increased Your Joy and Helped People Above- Let Everyone Know Below in the Comments- to Encourage Others to HELP TOO!!-


  • If you Made a Donation to Help People- Let Everyone Know Below in the Comments- to Encourage Others to HELP TOO!!-

  • Kevin

    Each and every Christmas I give to the old, tried-and-true Salvation Army.


  • Kevin

    The best gift of all is the gift of giving!

  • Mali Benyamin Michael

    Dear Damian, Merry Christmas! I always fail in this business, not because I don’t want to have money, but because I do not have credit card. Can you help me? thanks


  • Thank you so much for considering to donate to others to help them and increase your joy in seconds!- Please leave a comment – especially if you’ve chosen to help someone today!-

    Thanks! Damian

  • Bill Vlasak

    It is sure nice to meet people who practice what they preach.

  • Thanks Bill you too! Happy New Year! Damian

  • Mali Benyamin Michael

    Good morning Damian! How are you? It is good to increase our joy by serving one another. God bless you. Mali

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