Your Questions Answered: Traffic and Market Research!-

by Damian Leon on

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Here’s The Traffic and Market Research Proven Strategy:

-Websites I Mentioned in this Video Are Here:

1) Google Keyword Tool:

2) Aweber

3) Warrior Forum

Browse Forums in the Area You Found To Be High Demand, and Pull Together Solutions From Ideas That Others Have Offered, Then Put Them into a 10 Page Special Report- Using Microsoft Word Or (free)- Save As PDF and You’ve Got a Free Gift to Give Away!-

Then Give That Away to Build Your List, Posting it in JV Giveaway Events, Facebook, Twitter, etc. That Will Start Your List Off and You’ll Have Traffic on Demand Going Forward-

Leave Your Comments Below and Don’t Forget to Send Your Questions to to be Answered in a Future Video!-

See You at the Top! Damian


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  • Innocent

    I love your style. Very honest and out-giving. To create a free money-making website for someone you do not know shows a deep love and concern for the less priveleged and for humanity.
    Thanks immensely and remain blessed.

  • You're very welcome Innocent – Great to See YOU! I believe in YOU!!! 🙂 Damian

  • Rory

    Good content, and presented well ! .. thanks for keeping it simple so we beginners can understand.

  • Thanks Rory- Nice to See You! Damian

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