The Two Classes In Internet Marketing- (Which One Are You In?)-

by Damian Leon on

The futher along this journey I go- the more and more obvious it becomes.

-I want the best for You- and for You to get the best out of this business that’s
possible- So I Want to Tell You the TRUTH-

-There are two classes of people in Internet marketing and most online marketing-

-There’s the 98% – the masses- that look for traffic, look for things to promote- and looks to
make a bit of income- There’s nothing wrong with that- but if You follow the masses realize
You’ll stay in that position-

-Now- there”s the other 2%-This 2% focuses on one thing- product creation and getting affiliates
to promote their products. Why? Because instead of having 1 person driving traffic to offers (YOU)-

-In this New World You’ll Have Tens- or Hundreds of Affiliates Over Time, Sending You Traffic- Sending
Traffic to Your Products- While Your Awake, While You Sleep- Day After Day – Whether You Ask or Not-

Here’s the Steps-

-Market Research- (Forums, Product Reviews)- (Hint Make what People Say they Want!)
-Create a Product (eBook, Audio, Video)-
-Get Some Graphics Created For Your Product-
-Create a Simple Sales Page-
-Put Your Product on Clickbank ($50) – or RAPMall,, Etc-
-Repeat Process-

-Sure, it will cost a bit of time and money, but a lot less in the end than all the other
“methods” that the 2% tell you to use! Why make hundreds when you can make
many thousands, automatically? 😉

What do YOU Think?- Leave Your Comments Below!-

  • AnthonySmits

    Hey Damian

    Great to see you about today.

    The product creation route is one I like, being a designer in my former life 🙂 And I'm looking forward to producing better things as I get more experience and clarity over what is wanted.

    My best to you.

  • Kenneth Caspary

    I agree with your description of the difference between those who fall into the “98%” category and those few who rise up into the “2%” category. I'm aiming to be a member in the 2% category soon!

  • Hi Damian,

    I been thinking about this for a little while now. Do you think I could use it with this site?
    Let me know
    Thanks Much


    yes it is the most part ,chek your e mai. and notting to use. fore several years
    Is it the meaning,that newbees and otthers should be treeted like this .

    T H E R E I S I N O W I W I LL G O U P T OU T H E
    I N T E R N E T I S NOW.
    T H E R E I S S O M E ” G U R U S . TRYING TO U S E T H E I N T E R N E T

    I F Y O U A G R E E W I T H M E . P L E A S E . M A I L M E I W O U L D T A K E
    C O N T A K T M Y C O T A C T I N T H E G O V E R M E N T.
    I M E E N I T I S W R O N G T H E W A Y N O T O P E N E Y E S F O R T H E
    I N T E R N E T I S D R I V E N W I T H O U T C O U N T R O L.

    I F Y O U A G R E T E L L I T T O A LL I N T E R NE T U S E R.

  • Hey Anth – remember it's not only because it's fun- it's because of LEVERAGE- eg People sending YOU Traffic- instead of you as one person trying to send traffic to stuff! 🙂

  • Hello, this is Jenny Neimanas I think you're right about the two different kinds of people too. The doers and the I think I'll do it, but somehow the doers, do,and the thinkers never get around to doing. I think I fall into the doers slot. Tell me what I have to do and I WIIL DO IT!. Jenny Neimanas

  • Damian

    Truth? Yes Damian but ….

    It took me a long time to settle to the exact plan you lay out here.

    In case you're interested, I continue to give away my free offer (60% people who arrive at my squeeze page sign up) BUT, it's all now going towards building a list to which I plan to offer my OWN products and sell them via affiliates – including a membership site.

    You've hit the nail smack on the head. Thank you again for the gift of your posts – first rate stuff Damian.


  • Faye

    Thank you. This is very good information and it is what makes a difference in todays internet marketing.

  • jason long

    Hello damian

    That makes a lot more sense but if you can just send me a couple more emails on how to do it that would be good ha ha

    ps. im being serious please

  • Chris

    Thanks for the reminder Damian, you are absolutely right, as usual.
    These reminders are very helpful and reinforcing – thank you.

  • Dr. Debra

    HI Damian,

    Good to read another straightforward, motivational post from you. I get stuck in the “my product's not good enough” phase. Then there's the “side-track Sally” syndrome and losing focus.

    Thanks for the push!

    Dr. Debra

  • Dilan

    I say, when you're right, you're right, Damien! I see what you mean and yes, I agree with you here. Well, I think I'd more rather go with the 2% people who know nothing about online marketing and can still make money while they sleep. Besides, why take the long way, when the short cut works better?

  • Hi Damian
    There seems to be much info on just about everything out there. Finding some subject to generate a product on, then market it, sems like everything that could be done, has been done. And there are people that are not confident about producing quality products that will generate 1000's. But I agree, creating your own products is the way to go…

  • George

    I beg to differ with you about the 2% and 98%.

    And here is why:

    95% of people are trying to work out how to do internet marketing, as all these guides, methods and things, being brought from affiliate sites like clickbank, etc, they only go into so much detail. They do not tell you the full processes and inner workings of how to accomplish a task.

    3% of people are making money, but it is such a small amount they get disappointed by the outcome, but still plug away, until they give up, because they don't make enough to support themselves so they can quit their jobs.

    And the final 2%, well, thats obvious, the big boys. The people who sell products without the full inner workings of the steps people need to follow. They rely on selling and building peoples expectations in order to fulfill something which isn't real.

    I could go on about the people that make money from people hard up, and name some names, but that wouldn't be practical.

    Also, i do not mean to be so irritating or the like, but thats the way i feel about these so called top notch internet marketers. And i do not mean your like this, as i do not know you, and i haven't brought any of your products, and this is my first time on here, so i hope your better than the rest of them.

  •  Hi Damian, Absolutely brilliant input here. Like your impressive production creation route. Keep it up your best!

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