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The first page of Google is where you want to be – especially to send traffic
to your Squeeze Page (Opt In Page) – That Builds Your List and Sales = Money For You-

-I’m Sure You’ve Heard of Article Marketing, There’s Just One Thing You Should
Be Aware of – Article Marketing **Is** Still Effective – Very! –

-However, where You’re putting Your Articles is Much More Important than You Think-
This Twist on Article Marketing Is Much More Effective Than Posting to –

-Do it this way- and You’re a lot more likely to get top rankings– even for competitive
keywords – Getting Your Squeeze Page or Affiliate Site to Google’s First Page-

This Can Work For Up to Millions of Competing Results And Is Very Effective

For Keywords With Less Than 500K-1Mill Competing Results-

-Again- Make Sure You Use High Quality Article Content and You Point
Back to Your Squeeze Page or Top Affiliate Offers-

-This is Free Traffic that Lasts Nearly Forever- And So Few People Have Discovered
This that You’ll Do Really Well If You Do A Few of These Per Week!-

So- what’s the Magic New Strategy?– Well simple!- instead of posting them to and the Article Directories, Simply Turn Them into PDFs (You can save as PDF

with the Free OpenOffice or PPT the Presentation Format for the Slide Sites (Download from with Post them to Document Sharing Sites-

What are “Document Sharing Sites”? Used a lot by the commerical and academic communities, these
sites are amazing in the fact of the high Pagerank and “Google Respect” that they get- eg: Some of them
are in the Top 500 sites by traffic on the Internet-

What does that mean for You? It means that your submissions are incredibly likely to rank highly on Google –
because besides relevance- a lot of the weighting Google gives to Ranking things highly comes from
how “respected” and “powerful” the site is-

-Plus- there’s usually NO approval process –

-Your Submissions Can Be Ranking Highly on Google in as Little As An Hour!-

-So- Using these sites to post your content on for free- is like piggybacking off of Dell or Microsoft to get
your message out there-

-Just as with anything else, ensure your content is high quality- If You Put Your Audience in a Good Mood with Good Content They’re

-And YES You Can Put Your Affiliate Links and Especially Your Squeeze Page Link (Recommended) Throughout the Document(s)-

Here’s WHERE to Post Your Articles as PDFs or (PPTs -Slide Sites) (Open Office Can Convert to Both!):

And If You Want to Get Many Written Cheaply- Go Here:-

Here’s More Tips to Get the Most of This-

-Use the Google Keyword Tool to Find Highly Searched Terms (Keywords) – eg: Get Website Traffic, Get My Ex Back, Etc etc-
Then Put those Keywords (Tags) With Your Submissions on the Sites (It Asks You For What Keywords You Want to Use For It)-

Google Keyword Tool

-Use The Keywords in the Article Title and a Few Times in the Text

-Use Font of 14 For Articles, As these are Read Best in the Online Readers-

-After Putting Up the Article – Get the Full URL For It and Ping It (Submit It) Here:

-Submit the Full URL to

-Submit the Full URL  to Social Bookmarking/RSS Feeds (Optional) Like

-Repeat For New Keywords/Articles- Putting Your Squeeze Page Link or Affiliate Link Inside!-

Enjoy Your Success and God Bless! – And Could You Do Me  A Favor and Leave Your Comments Below? –



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Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide


  • Hey Damian
    Excellent post, certainly is another avenue from which to get traffic. Have used scribd once or twice, but was not aware that were so many other similar sites. Also, using pingler is an awesome idea.

    Thanks for the great

  • ibeawuchi samuel

    I was surprised that this could work yo drive traffic to my offers. I never thought of this before.
    Thanks so much. I'll give this a try immediately and post back my results to this blog

  • Thanks for sharing great information. I'll try to apply this technique and hopefully I would be able to achieve high ranking in google.

  • Thank you so much Damian. I'd been thinking
    that just 1 link for submitting to a directory
    is too much like hard work. You've solved the problem.
    Thanks again.

  • Your strategy for More Traffic Now is a welcomed tool to my marketing arsenal. I understand the importance of article writing but never knew about putting them on shared sites and pinging them. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. You are the best! Many blessings to you and your family.

  • ok, damian thanks for information .. whether I can copy and paste this posting articles to my blog and tetunya name and address of your blog will I noted in my blog postings.
    This my blog:

  • Jon

    Outstanding insight into a fresh traffic idea! Thanks for the usual fantastic content!

  • Each day of life I relearn something new!
    great advice, going to use it now, today that is.

  • Excellent Information! Thank you! most of the internet marketers sells this kind of information but you are giving it away for free. Thanks Thanks a lot!

  • Hi:

    What a great post, this is really new information to me and I love it. I am going to go try this right now, I have PLR on my hard drive just gathering dust (as I am sure we all do). I will let you know about my success…I can hardly wait to see the outcome.



  • Gigi

    (First time making a post to this blog) Now that I finally decided to take the Plunge into IM, I was hesitating because all that I had read abut creating traffic was OVERWHELMING at best. This is so much simpler . . .and sounds like more ‘fun’. Looking to get my new site up and running in a week or two and will definitely use this. Thanks so much . .also for your continual professional AND warm manner at all times.

  • Thomas Case

    No doubt Damian an excellent idea,hope soon to be able to use this. Thomas Case

  • Ingenius… you know this will work before even trying it because it's so simple and logical. Though I must say I'm leary about making google first page so quickly… I agree it's possible.

  • Thanks Peggy – Make sure you do the important steps of researching highly searched keywords as I mentioned above with the Google Keyword Tool- then including those keywords in both the article title and throughout and your link – Also please don't forget to Ping the URLs and Digg, etc as I mentioned above Good luck!

  • Hi Gigi- You're welcome and thank You for your courage and determination!!

  • Hey Terry Make Sure to Do at least 10 articles and more is better of course- make sure to use do your keyword research and I would focus on keywords with 500K or less competings to get some quick wins 🙂

  • You're welcome Jon 🙂

  • Great Coach – GO Team 🙂

  • You're welcome – make sure to follow all the steps and do a lot of them 🙂

  • Glad to help hope thing are well in Wales – hehe 🙂

  • Hey Sue – You're welcome hope you're fine today- nice to see You! 🙂

  • hi damian want to thank you for this email . it will help putting alot together in my website . im diffently going to read this again an go threw setting hopefull work on my website ofcourse with all the email i get trying to say on top of things not having any time to finish my website

  • Carroll Crookham

    Good article on Article Marketing, and resources and Links for us to use. It's a strategy that we all can use. Good Job.

  • Sammieree

    Hi Damion
    I will check this out this afternoon, After I finish my errands.

  • Dilan

    i like it. keep up the great work, Damien! it all looks so easy that a 12yr old can do it, too!

  • Celestin Kanga

    Hi Damian,

    Sound awesome and yet i like the focus, i will put myself to work.And thanks for the tips.
    Great job.
    Celestin Kanga

  • Rosemary Blum

    Hi Damian,
    Sorry to be so long getting back to you. I save the email I get that I consider IMPORTANT but at the minute, don't have time to read so I can get to them later. and this was one of those. I appreciate the information and thank you very much, this should help me get a lot of traffic to the website I'm working on. Thanks again, Rosemary

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