Simple Guide to Getting Your List Started- 45 Minute Challenge!-

by Damian Leon on

Getting Your List Started is the Most Important Thing You Can Possibly Do In Your Business- It Will Be Where Your Traffic and Paying Customers Come From-

Here’s How- The Very Simple Fluff Free Version!-

1) Get a Domain Name From – If You Don’t Already Have One (About $8.95 or So)-

2) Get Hosting at – the $7.95 a month plan is fine!- (It will ask You for Your domain name above)-

3) Hostgator will email You some name servers that look like this:, – Log back into namecheap immediately and change your name servers to what Hostgator gave You- To do this login to Namecheap, Click Manage Domains at the Top, Click on the Domain You’re working with (that you created in step 1), Then Click “Domain Name Server Setup” on the left- then – Check: “Specify Custom DNS Servers” then Type the two, (you received those from Hostgator on Your email)

4) Get an Aweber Account – $19 a Month, Free First 14 Days

5) Download and Install “Kompozer” here

This is what You’ll use to write your headline, and paste inΒ what Aweber tells You.

6) Find a Document on Your Computer Where You Have the Giveaway Rights to. Save it as FreeGift.pdf

7) Open Kompozer, Type in a headline in red type: see one of mine here for inspiration: (the headline part I typed in Kompozer, the bottom half with the red button, came out of Aweber.

8) Login to Aweber, For the List Turn OFF Confirmed Opt In, then Click on Web Forms at the Top, Create a New Web Form, Call It “Squeeze Page 1”, Also Put in aΒ Custom Thank You Page as (that will tell it to send them to the download page when they opt In)

9) Pick the Look and Feel From The Gallery of Button Styles That You Like

10) Pick “I will install it myself” and pick the “Javascript Snippet Version”-

11) Copy the Text it shows you from Aweber

12) Go to Kompozer, Click the “Source Tab” at the Very Bottom, Paste in What Aweber Told You To-

13) Save File on Kompozer to FreeGift1.html to your desktop.

14) Close Kompozer, Open File On Your Desktop FreeGift1.html By Double Clicking It

15) If It’s Not How You Like It- Open With Kompozer Again, and Change As Needed, Then Look Again-

16) Create a download1.html page in Kompozer, with just a Link on It- make this download link point to where yoursite is your domain name)- Make sure to Capitalize exactly how I said!!!- (All Must Match)-

17) Go to – login with the username and password provided by your hosting company Hostgator-

18) Click “File Manager” in the Files Section of the Menu, About Half Way Down the Page

19) On the Left You’ll See Public_html folder, click that, and on the right you’ll see some files.

20) Click Upload, and Upload Your 3 files There Into Your Public_html directory (FreeGift1.html, download1.html, FreeGift.pdf)

21) Go to in Your Browser, Your free gift page should come up-

(NOTE: It may take up to a few hours for the DNS part we did in step 3 to have your site visible online. However it usually happens in just a few mins. If you can’t see it, check your capitalization, and make sure your FreeGift1.html is that exact name, with that capitalization-

HINT: If You have any hangups while working on this uploading, getting the site up, go to and click Live Chat Support at the Top Right- they are very good and can help guide You!-

Next Time I’m Going to Show You Where to Put Your Squeeze Page You Just Made to Build Your List- So Do This TODAY So You Don’t Get Left Behind!-

This Was the Summary Version, I’d love to hear your comments or if You have a question, Post it below- God Bless!



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  • Paul Fishburn



  • HI Paul- come back to this post when you have your squeeze page up, show it to me, and I'll show you where on this post- same applies for everyone! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Damian – Wonderful post! This is thus far the most simplest step-by-step way to create a squeeze page. I'm currently writing an ebook on list-building, wondering if I could use your stuff? I'll credit you and put your link in it.

    Looking forward to your reply!


  • Jdn1971

    Thanks Damian. You just made my life a bit easier! I have aweber, hosting, domain and product but didn't know how to piece it all together till now!


  • RuslieSophian

    Thanks a lot Damian. This is a very good guide to me. I'll follow accordingly to have a FreeGift on my site.

  • Great Ruslie πŸ™‚ Good to see you!

  • Perfect!! πŸ™‚ Come back to show us how it's going-Damian

  • Hi Sure Daryl, if you don't mind put the link- (one of my squeeze pages) – thanks πŸ™‚ Damian

  • Paulebbing

    Thanks for the spoon feeding. Looking forward to the rest of it.

  • Ben

    Thanks Damian. Great stuff!

  • Dfewtaserf

    Phew…even if this would be my first time doing these…I am not afraid….because your instructions are so clear and easy to understand….Thank you very much Damian….u are really God sent…am now excited to do the instructions you gave and not afraid to do it…Thank you sooo much Damian…I hope the Lord does not get you yet…lol. Keep up the good work and regards to your family….
    God bless,


  • Stanleyroy

    Hi Damian, many thanks for this link, and the way you are running your business on Internet marketing with tips and downloads. It is a refreshing change to see someone passing on free detailed information to others that are just starting out or missing the vital bits of information needed without being ripped off in the process. also a pleasure to see that you are willing to share detailed step by step information for squeeze page freely.

    God Bless, Stanleyroy

  • Paul Warner

    It is always good to get the “how to” on what to do on the Internet. Over and over I have read what you have to do to be a success on the Internet, but it is a rare case when we

    get the step by step instructions which makes life so much easier trying to build something on the web.

    So thank you and I hope there is more of this to come.


  • sgarfieldjr

    Dear Damian; how would I apply these same techniques with my gvo account? I'm in your down line at gvo! Can you publish this using only the tools in my gvo account? Thank you, and God Bless!!

  • so where's the next video at? πŸ™‚

  • Hi Damion Great explanation. I have had a weber for months & didn't know what to do with it. Hope I don't get stuck.


    Joanne G

  • Ronsleeves

    scam artist

  • Noujupai

    HI DAMIAN!!!!!

    I LOVE your site. It is bang tidy. The 21 incompehensible STEPS TO FULFILMENT are SSOOOOO GOOOD!!!!

    Also, go Jesus! Lolz!

    I just wanted to ask! WHAT HAPPENED to your eyes? It is SO SAD that you are blind. God bless you and your eyelids that are fused to your face!!! PRAISE THE LORD CHRISTIAN SCOTT THOMAS!


  • Love You Guys!!

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