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The Greek word enthusiasm (enþúsiasmos) comes from the words
enðo(=in, within) and úsia(=essence, entity)

Only enthusiastic people were able to conquer the challenges of the daily life. It was necessary therefore to get excited to solve the problems that were presented and to pass to a new situation!

The enthusiasm is not a quality that is built or that it is developed. It is a state of faith, an affirmative state of oneself.

The enthusiastic person is that that believes in her/his capacity to transform the things, believes in her/himself and in the other ones, believes in the force that has to transform the world and her/his own reality. It is impelled to act in the world, to transform it, moved by the force and the certainty in her/his actions.

The enthusiasm is what gives a new vision for life! – I BELIEVE IN YOU AND KNOW YOU CAN WIN WITH ENTHUSIASM- LET US SEE YOUR COMMENTS!!! :))) DAMIAN



  • myron

    heydamian, dude you can do whatever you want with this machine, that was a coll webpage, thanks for the encouragement, myron.

  • You are a man blessed with wisdom Thank You every one needs encouragement Thank You again an GOD BLESS Pastor Charles Arthur

  • johnjaw47

    Hi Damian,
    Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your caring and encouragment.
    With respect, John

  • Hi Damian,
    Thank for for the encouragement, prayers and great prophetic words for my new business to succeed.
    I have finally gotten over my fear of failure and succeess and am just going to try stuff.
    My firs product to promote is 6 minutes to Success – https://sixminutes.infusionsoft.com/go/SM2SOP/r…, but I have no list to send to. Any advice or suggestions on the best, fastest, cheapest (hopefully free to start) way to get people to click on my affiliate link. What products to you have and know to work. Once I make my first $ I can reinvest in better tools, but money is very tight now.
    Any extra help would be great, but I recieve your prayers and prophetic word with graditude and joy.
    It is good to have God and Christ as business partner! – isn't it?
    God Bless,

  • Hi Damian,

    You are just the greatest. You have inspired me more than you know. I am getting more confidant and therefore enthusiastic with every passing day. I thank God every day for the little blessings i.e. the positive post on my blog, a friend request on FB, any little positive thing. I am happy and grateful for every one of them. And, YOU started it for me. You have been a very positive influence in my on-line marketing career, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to get a web cam and start video marketing. Now, THAT is out of my box. But I really want to do it. Thanks for everything you've given me. God bless you and your family!

    Warmest regards,

  • Hi Robert,

    I know what it feels like having no list. I am strapped for money too. My list is growing. Are you on Facebook? Feel free to look me up. I'll be happy and grateful to share with you. Make is a great rest of the night and great weekend!

    Warmest regards,


  • You're welcome so much John – 🙂 thank you for contributing and seizing this opportunity to give back! 🙂

  • wrightwaytoblog

    You are such an awesome person and I love to watch you speak on video. You are a very inspirational person
    and it is good to see you and hear your enthusiasm. Some day I would like to hear your story? Your journey
    through life so far.

  • ROBERT!!! Awesome I had insecurity and fear of success at first- but I decided to put it in God's hands and let him deal with all that – I do what I CAN- and pray that it works out 🙂 D

  • SUE!! I just love you to death you are awesome I missed you -YES YOU CAN BE THE PERSON YOU NEED TO BE TO DO THIS I LOVE IT!!! :))))

  • Great!! thank you so much for honoring us with your contribution Arthur 🙂

  • Thank You Myron you're a great guy as always- thank you and do what you keep doing only more – You're getting there!!! Damian

  • Manly John Flores

    I want to thank you for having the time and using it to have a good vote of confidence to share with me. I find a good heart in you and that is where people who care speak from since there is never a time that empathy is wasted. I find that no matter how much pain is affecting me I still look forward to getting up in the morning & know I am alive. But the day really is a happy one as long as I do not think to much of myself. All people are the same since we are all but just dust on the scale of life with the Creator knowing what we weigh as to good or bad.

  • Thanks So much you're awesome too – I was in consulting for 10 years or so- but at the end of the day- I wasn't fulfilling my potential – to contribute to the world in the scale that I was destined for – more importantly – YOU have a destiny much greater than You've seen so far – grasp it and have faith!!! 🙂 Damian

  • Hello, Damian! It's such a good word–thank you for this. It's funny, this is the first video of you I've actually been able to watch. I've seen the other ones you sent but for some reason, they never fully loaded properly until this one. It's a cool one to be starting with. 🙂

    Thanks again, man. 🙂

  • Thank You Judah- I went with another video format now on advice of Josh Bartlett – m4v- and this seems to solve all issues :)) D


  • mi_fin2004

    Buna Damian,

    Multumesc pentru cuvintul Entuziasm, dar de fapt ce este el? O stare de bine pe care o simte sufletul tau in urma unu eveniment fericit, da?
    Ei uite mie imi lipseste acel eveniment fericit care sa stea la baza entuziasmului, trebuie sa ai o baza de unde sa pornesti, corect?
    Cred in mine si in ratiunea mea, cred ca intro zi am sa fiu si eu entuziasmata de lucrurile pe care am sa le pot transforma din viata mea.
    Sa stii ca pina acum am facut fata cu putinul pe care il am provocarilor urite din viata mea. La mine entuziasmul il simt pentru ca am reusit sa merg mai departe…

  • salah

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  • salah

    نحن أخوة في هذا العالم
    ماذا نأمل أن نفعل لأنفسنا وأولادنا والإنسان عموما
    نحن أخوة

  • christidman

    I'm offline right now – Just Send an Email to LouPseudonym@HowToBoilAFrog.com

  • Hello Damian..It is soo hard to keep the faith,when you work at this for over a year,and sign up for everything under the sun,and still don”t make a DIME. Sincerely gentleiron2

  • Hi Damian It's really hard to keep the faith,when you work at this for over a year,and sign up for everything under the sun, and still can”t make a DIME.

  • Sorry did”nt mean to duplicate the comment. I was'nt scrolled down enough to see that it had posted,I thought that it erased it. Thank you for your words of inspiration.

  • mansoor

    hi damian leon; I need thank you free much and anytime good lick . mansoor

  • wilmamiller

    Great video Damien, I believe everybody needs encouragement in their lives. I like the fact that you are
    willing to do that. Best of Luck to You

  • Damian, this was a great post. It's hard being an internet marketer because of the constant bombardment of offers and “new” ways of doing things. If we all focused on one thing at a time we would all be better off. (Myself included).

    Your encouragement is very much appreciated. Keep up your inspirational messages.

  • Banjori

    Hallo again just now i wrote some words for u n please forgave me i haved gettig bed right now bye!

  • Laurence Coward

    Great words of wisdom and love Damian
    As Parents we will always be in love with our children as children will be always in love with each other and with their parents.
    God is also all our Parent, He is the Creator who created our souls.
    Then we must Be in Love with each other because we all belong to God's Family

  • Focus on what you can provide for others and that will take care of itself 🙂

  • You're welcome 🙂

  • You're welcome Wilma- thanks for commenting and nice to see you!! 🙂

  • Hey Albert! Thanks for that, we ALL need it I know me too- so thanks for encouraging me too ! 🙂

  • Thank you Manly- at the end of the day I think what we'll remember is how people treated each other- business can be done in a caring way it's true and I'm glad that we can all work together as a team 🙂


  • williamburleigh

    Thank you sir. I needed the above dose of reality more then even I know. I fear that I have lost all of my faith but for the bit that is dangling from me in the hope that I will find a friend online that will truly take the time to try and build a relationship which I will work tirelessly to return and more and that some where I will find the opportunity I need that will truly let me start an online business from nothing with no money and build it into one to RIVAL many if not all the current gurus. I know I will find it and sooner rather then later. I just wanted to say thanks for the reality check. I needed that. You are truly a champion D… Faith is truly the essence of things hoped for and the evidence of things no seen. Be Well & Prosper My Brother…

  • I need to increase my enthusiasm to improve my my world. Thanks for the boost.

  • Good Morning Everyone! what is new?

  • Leave a Message- Love You Guys!! 🙂 Damian

  • Love You Guys- Leave Some Great Comments 🙂 Damian

  • Jim Hecht


    You have hit the nail on the head. Too many want, but lack the ENTHUSOS to make that happen.

    Work it and it will work for you.

  • Jim Hecht


    You have hit the nail on the head. Too many want, but lack the ENTHUSOS to make that happen.

    Work it and it will work for you.

  • patt

    Love you
    This is so good,  you are the greatest

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