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Hi!- Hope you’re well?!-

-For a number of years now I’ve been Increaasing My Joy Every Week- And in Doing So helping others who are less fortunate- who need food- or are really having a bad time in life- Even when I was just making it myself (hint: that’s the Most Important Time To Do it!)!-

-I was sitting here watching something from Feed the Children on TV, and I really felt bad for people who are having a rough time-

-Yes we all have stress and hard times, but these people REALLY are having a hard time and need our help-

-SO- DO You want to Increase Your JOY Right NOW?-

-OK!-  Even if it is only $10 or $20 – to donate to help someone in need now-  It would really mean a lot to me and I’m sure make YOU and OTHERS Feel INCREDIBLE!- 

-Go NOW!- Some Trusted Ways Are:


(Over 83% Go direct to the people in need, after costs)


(Very good- they don’t just give out aid, they help  people get skills and business training to get out of poverty) 


(Very good charity, helping the homeless get a fresh start, I donate to them)

 So please, find it in your heart to do your best this Christmas, to help people who are really in pain and suffering.

Love and Merry Christmas!! 🙂 🙂


PS: If you Increased Your Joy and Helped People Above- Let Everyone Know Below in the Comments- to Encourage Others to HELP TOO!!-



Sales Funnel Secrets Worth Millions…

Enjoy This Training Where You Can Learn What Separates Those that Do “OK” Online and Those That Create Fortunes Online> You’ll Want to Take Great Notes, and Listen Very Carefully to the Message at the End- See You at the TOP! Damian-

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The Greek word enthusiasm (enþúsiasmos) comes from the words enðo(=in, within) and úsia(=essence, entity) Only enthusiastic people were able to conquer the challenges of the daily life. It was necessary therefore to get excited to solve the problems that were presented and to pass to a new situation! The enthusiasm is not a quality that […]

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The Two Classes In Internet Marketing- (Which One Are You In?)-

The futher along this journey I go- the more and more obvious it becomes. -I want the best for You- and for You to get the best out of this business that’s possible- So I Want to Tell You the TRUTH- -There are two classes of people in Internet marketing and most online marketing- -There’s […]

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